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Reinsurance - 17-07-24 / Tommy Jackson

Robust economies set to drive insurance growth and profitability, says Swiss Re Institute

"The insurance industry has reached a new equilibrium after the challenges of recent years. The global…

Reinsurance - 12-06-24 / Kwanele Sibanda

Swiss Re explores cascading effects of natural disasters, other key emerging risks

"We live in a world characterised by interconnected crises, which in turn can give rise to new risks.…

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Financial Planning - 17-07-24 / Tau kaVodloza

Lifestyle Protector policyholders to earn UCount Rewards

"What we are building is much broader than the old bancassurance model. We are increasing our collaboration…

Financial Planning - 17-07-24 / Shelly Nxumalo

Gear up your investments to grow your generational wealth with securities-based lending

“This solution is unique, as it allows you to borrow against your portfolio without having to break the…

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Economy - 19-06-24 / Tommy Jackson

What does the shift towards nationalist politics mean for the EU and France?

"As a result, success at the French parliamentary elections could result in increased borrowing as tax…

Economy - 19-06-24 / Linda McLure

Linda McClure | How can we grow young female entrepreneurship in SA?

"The problem is that female entrepreneurs continue to face challenges not shared by their male counterparts.…

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Regulatory News - 03-07-24 / Kwanele Sibanda

IAIS publishes 2024 GME preview results, reflecting insurance sector financial stability

"While aggregate systemic risk scores increased slightly at year-end 2023, the interim GME analysis found…

Regulatory News - 27-06-24 / Chris Smit

IAIS charts course on ICS implementation ahead of adoption in December 2024

“Comments received in response to the 2023 public consultation helped enhance the ICS design, which is now almost…

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Employee Benefits - 03-07-24 / Kwanele Sibanda

How to live like royalty in your retirement

“Preparing and planning for retirement can significantly ease one's later years and prevent loved ones…

Employee Benefits - 26-06-24 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Advisers warn of tax risks of early withdrawals under new two-pot system

“Any amount withdrawn annually is added to taxable income for that respective tax year, potentially increasing…

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Opinions / Columnists - 26-06-24 / Vis Govender

Vis Govender | Weather insurance evolution on par with rise in adverse climate events

"Leading the way in adapting to these severe weather patterns and a changing insurance industry is the…

Opinions / Columnists - 05-06-24 / Brian Harris

Brian Harris | Helping the emerging workforce access quality, affordable private healthcare

"Entry-level medical aid options such as hospital plans are often ideal, but with the reduced premium…

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