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Non-life Insurance / 22-05-24 / Tommy Jackson

2024: The year of elections and the potential for civil unrest

“It is crucial to understand what risks are in the supply chain of a business and where business operations and income streams can be negatively impacted when production and distribution are delayed or disrupted. Today, supply chain risks involve…

Non-life Insurance / 22-05-24 / Tommy Jackson

Building agribusiness resilience: beating the odds by being prepared

“Agri-businesses are facing tremendous pressure to accelerate and de-risk their climate transition and create positive social impact while addressing concerns related to yield volatility, working conditions, mass population migration and the…

Non-life Insurance / 22-05-24 / Tommy Jackson

InsurTech launches new tech for brokers targeting individual IPMI business

“Because of the way the system works, brokers can be safe in the knowledge that they are allowing clients to self-serve safely, knowing they will be able to easily choose the cover that best suits their budget and cover requirements. Not only…

Non-life Insurance / 22-05-24 / Oswald Kuyler

Understanding the real value in value-added insurance

"When incidents occur, we often think, 'Phew, at least I have insurance!' Yet, in many cases, we still find ourselves coughing up for unplanned costs such as hefty excesses (a first amount payable by you in the event of a claim), or submitting…

Non-life Insurance / 22-05-24 / Chris Smit

Fintech meets insuretech: a match to elevate the customer experience

"By bringing some of the fundamental principles of fintech – including improved value and an enhanced customer experience to insurance, the sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation," says Keletso Mpisane, Head of Bink by MiWay.

Non-life Insurance / 15-05-24 / Kwanele Sibanda

Allianz increases operating profit by 6.8% to €4.0bn

"Allianz's strong results demonstrate the quality of our fundamentals, the value of consistency in the execution of our strategy, and the advantage of the broad talents and skillsets that are represented across our organization," says Oliver…

Non-life Insurance / 15-05-24 / Tommy Jackson

Road safety in peril: Cellphone distractions are the biggest culprit, unveils Discovery Insure

"Combining these insights with our driving data, we can see that driving behaviour has a bigger impact on road fatalities than road conditions. The data shows that parts of the country with the best roads may have high motor vehicle fatalities…

Non-life Insurance / 15-05-24 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Samantha Varela | Why the retroactive date on your medical malpractice insurance policy matters

"In essence, a policyholder's retroactive date refers to the date that they first obtained or incepted their insurance policy. This is essentially the starting point from which insurers will consider any claims made; the birth of your insurance…

Non-life Insurance / 15-05-24 / Chris Smit

Marsh McLennan launches AI-powered solution aimed at transforming supply chain risk management

“Rising geopolitical tensions, and other risks such as the impact of climate events, mean that supply chain vulnerabilities are now among firms top concerns. With Sentrisk, clients can use AI technology to make better informed decisions at pace…

Non-life Insurance / 15-05-24 / Duty Editor

High Risk Business: Insurer urges business to consider implications of using drones

“Drones are expected to play a significant role in cargo transport and delivery in the near future, as they will be able to deliver packages to homes. They have also featured in commercial filmmaking, search and rescue, mining and quarrying,…

Non-life Insurance / 15-05-24 / Daniel Nkosi

BMW 7 Series Wins 2024 SA Car of The Year Competition

"Congratulations to the overall victor and category winners of the 38th annual COTY competition. With ever-heightening competition levels year on year, and with new technology and better value-for-money offerings from the different brands, the…

Non-life Insurance / 15-05-24 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Rising commercial crimes in SA highlight need for effective risk mitigation strategies

"The rising number of commercial crimes in South Africa demands immediate attention from businesses across the country. By implementing thorough employee vetting processes and robust internal controls, companies can significantly reduce their…

Non-life Insurance / 08-05-24 / Kwanele Sibanda

SAIA announces election of Danie Matthee as Deputy Chair of the Board

The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) has today announced the election of Mr. Danie Matthee as the Deputy Chairperson of the SAIA Board at its Board meeting held on 2 May 2024. 

Non-life Insurance / 08-05-24 / Tommy Jackson

Navigating the pitfalls and risks of business interruption

"At the junction where risks and business operations converge, business interruption presents a loss of income or profit suffered when operations are suspended or reduced as a result of direct or indirect (contingent) loss, such as through property…