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Financial Markets / 24-04-24 / Staff Writer

M&A Activity in SA expected to remain muted amidst global economic headwinds

"For the first time since the first democratic elections in 1994, the results of the coming election are by no means certain. This alone will result in investors exercising caution, at least in the first half of the year," says Chris Green,…

Financial Markets / 10-04-24 / Duty Editor

Seven key themes to better understand today's stock markets

Schroders Quantitative Equity Product (QEP) team outline below some of the key themes for the year.

Financial Markets / 14-03-24 / Duty Editor

Markets: Schroders monthly global markets review - February 2024

Most of the remaining markets ended February down in US dollar terms. These included Czech Republic, South Africa and Egypt. In South Africa, rand weakness had a negative effect on returns as the market continues to struggle with US dollar strength…