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INSETA completes occupational qualifications

INSETA completes occupational qualifications
31-05-12 / Staff Writer

INSETA completes occupational qualifications

 The Financial Services Environment

a) Regulatory environment

b) Financial services market

c) Law of contract

2. Customer Relationship Management and

a)Interpersonal and sales skills

b)Marketing and client acquisition

c)Client retention

3.Quantification of Needs and Recommending Solutions

a) Risk management

b)Needs identification and analysis

c)Basic financial literacy

The Training authority says it has been made very clear by all sub-sectors participating in the development process that this content needs to be integrated with sub-sector relevant commodity modules in order to ensure relevant qualifications which enable the qualified individual to be operational in the market.

INSETA are currently seeking approval from the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) to develop the sub-sector specific components and a request will be put out to industry to participate in this development.

Once this approval has been granted, says INSETA, it will be seeking participation from the Short Term Insurance industry in the development of the short term personal lines and short term commercial lines specific modules

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