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FSB Registrar refers Dominium Consulting

FSB Registrar refers Dominium Consulting
04-02-14 / Staff Writer

FSB Registrar refers Dominium Consulting

The Board said the referral relates to a contravention of section 3(3) of the General Code of Conduct for Financial Services Providers, 2003 in that the Respondent disclosed policy information of a member of the public to a third party in circumstances where the Respondent did not have authorization to disclose such information.

The FSB said the Registrar took several mitigating circumstances into account when reaching the settlement including the fact that the Respondent never appeared before the Enforcement Committee prior to this matter and that the Respondent accepted responsibility for his actions and co-operated during the investigation.

A penalty of R50,000 was imposed on the Respondent. The order is available on the FSB website at

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