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Why you should partner with an insurance adviser: PSG Insure

Why you should partner with an insurance adviser: PSG Insure
16-09-22 / Tommy Jackson

Why you should partner with an insurance adviser: PSG Insure

With the continuous threat of load shedding, extreme changes in weather patterns and an ever-changing risk landscape, having adequate insurance cover and understanding the changes in the market is essential. Insuring assets such as your car, property or business through an insurance adviser can really go a long way in helping you get the appropriate insurance advice and cover you require for your specific needs.

An adviser also helps you to reduce your time and admin, should you need to claim or  make any cover adjustments. They are best positioned to provide valuable advice to you amid any changes that may occur in the landscape as they possess in-depth knowledge of evolving risk exposures. But what else do clients stand to gain by partnering with a quality insurance adviser?

Karen Rimmer, Head: Distribution at PSG Insure, shares her insights.

“The benefits of partnering with a quality adviser are multifaceted. However, they can be narrowed down to a few key points including; advice, risk analysis and assisting you to correctly process insurance claims. These are all valuable services that advisers offer and serve to benefit you for both your personal and commercial cover requirements.”

1. The advice you need

In a constantly evolving landscape, understanding the types of cover that will work best for your car, home or business can be overwhelming. Rimmer explains, “Partnering with an insurance adviser will ensure that you have all the requisite insights necessary to make an informed decision. An adviser will help you to determine your needs and recommend appropriate insurance products backed by reputable providers. Once selected – they are also best placed to negotiate on your behalf with insurers, should you be involved in a complicated claim. Advisers also keep themselves abreast of all regulatory changes and can therefore provide you with invaluable up-to-date information and developments as they
relate to your insurance needs.

2. Review your risk

In terms of being risk-rated correctly, an adviser is able to review your risk exposures as a whole, be they for personal assets or for your business, and ensure you are adequately covered for any potential issues. As Rimmer asserts, “Your adviser will bring years of experience to the table, enabling them to ask the right questions and alert you to any blind spots by identifying your unique set of needs. An adviser can also alert you to practical steps that you can implement in order to mitigate any identified risks, over and above having the correct kind of cover.”

As a result of being more aware of your risk exposures, another added bonus of working with an adviser is that they can often negotiate better premiums after helping you to manage your insurance and your risk management practices more effectively.

3. Seamless claims process

While the claims process can often be a time-consuming and administrative intensive task, your adviser will ensure that all the correct processes are followed and that the required support documentation is provided. This will ensure a smoother claims process – something that you don’t often get when going direct to an insurer. Rimmer concludes “If claims are not executed competently from the start, it could have an adverse effect on their outcome. An adviser will guide you through the process and help you to ensure that all the necessary steps are followed correctly.”

Your adviser will also be supported by administrative staff as well as other qualified advisers and/or insurance specialists. This gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event that your adviser is unable to assist you. A well-run adviser office will ensure that your claims will be dealt with as efficiently and timeously as possible.

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