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Staying ahead of unpredictable weather conditions

Staying ahead of unpredictable weather conditions
26-06-24 / Tau kaVodloza

Staying ahead of unpredictable weather conditions

Johannesburg  - Geospatial solutions company AfriGIS has provided a text-based weather warning system that MiWay utilises to alert its clients about severe weather conditions. 

The service is part of MiWay's commitment to safeguarding client assets and enhancing safety. 

"In an era marked by climate change and increasing unpredictable weather conditions, MiWay empowers consumers with the information they need to navigate weather uncertainties," says Siyakha Masiye, spokesperson for MiWay Insurance. "Through proactive text-based weather warning messages, in collaboration with AfriGIS, we are demonstrating our commitment to safety and effective risk management." 

The impact of climate change

With the increase in extreme and unpredictable weather events, short-term insurance companies are looking to weather warning solutions to manage risks and protect both their assets and their clients. By accurately assessing the likelihood of weather-related damages, they allow for better preparation and preventive actions to minimise damage. 

"Insurance companies are turning to data and analytics to step up their game when it comes to handling claims after weather-related incidents," says Brian Civin (pictured), Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, AfriGIS. "By using weather-based data, insurance players are getting better at calculating risks, improving safety measures, and handling claims more efficiently. MiWay has a geospatial solution that brings together information about policies with timely alerts from the South African Weather Service to directly notify clients about impending risks like heavy rain, hailstorms and lightning strikes."

"This is a model of how technology can be used to advance the insurance industry by improving safety and reducing risk, and also setting a new standard for proactive customer service," says Masiye.

How it works

Using real-time data from the South African Weather Service (SAWS) to track storms and extreme weather events. SAWS has lightning sensors across the country to detect lightning with high efficiency and accuracy, which is crucial given South Africa's high incidence of lightning strikes annually. When a storm is forecasted to impact a specific area, AfriGIS's system sends out direct alerts, ensuring timely warnings without overwhelming users with frequent messages.

Alerts are sent with a minimum six-hour interval between them, striking a balance between keeping clients  informed and avoiding over-communication. This way, AfriGIS mitigates the risk and impact of severe weather for MiWay's clients, enhancing safety and reducing potential damages.

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