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Santam owned JaSure rebrands to Santam Switch

Santam owned JaSure rebrands to Santam Switch
03-08-23 / Chris Smit

Santam owned JaSure rebrands to Santam Switch

Cape Town - Santam, South Africa’s largest general insurer, has announced the rebranding of its app-based digital client solution from JaSure to Santam Switch, following the 100% acquisition of the insure tech company a year ago.

As part of its multi-channel strategy, Santam is accelerating its growth through a variety of distribution channels and business models to reach new market segments through “new age” digital insurance solutions.

According to Atang Matebesi, the CEO of Santam’s Client Solutions business, the rebrand accelerates a fully digital solution for Santam and positions the brand for growth within a younger market segment, while leveraging Santam’s established brand, underwriting expertise and track record as South Africa’s leading short-term insurer.

“The Santam Switch identity combines the best of JaSure’s energy and youthfulness, with the trust and credibility of the Santam brand to successfully resonate with Millennial and Gen Z consumers,” said Matebesi.

He said the name change to Santam Switch aligns perfectly with the on-demand product features that enable customers to switch their insurance on and off in the Santam Switch app and signifies the product’s simplicity and ease of use.

“At Santam, we continually strive to add value to our customers and by complementing our intermediated broker business with a digital solution with a differentiated DNA, we have done just that. This solution will drive broader appeal to new market segments who prefer to engage digitally while customising cover to suit their unique lifestyle needs,” he added.

Santam Switch is an on-demand digital client solution offering instant cover for motor vehicles, single home items, and portable possessions such as cellphones, laptops, photographic equipment, musical instruments, bicycles and other sporting and camping gear, among others. Previously known as JaSure, the company was founded in 2018 with a product vision to empower clients to choose what they want to insure and when, in a seamless user experience through its intuitive app interface.

Santam initially acquired 51% of the insurtech in 2020 and completed the acquisition by obtaining the remaining 49% equity in June 2022.

“Offering tech-based bite-sized cover for specific risks supports a more inclusive approach to driving insurance and access to previously excluded markets,” said Matebesi.

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