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Santam buys out 100% of insurtech Jasure

Santam buys out 100% of insurtech Jasure
07-06-22 / Staff Writer

Santam buys out 100% of insurtech Jasure

Cape Town - Santam, South Africa’s leading short-term insurer, has announced that it is enhancing its digital offering through an increase of its interest in insurance technology (insurtech) company JaSure, where it has acquired the remaining 49% shareholding. 

The insurer said in 2020, it acquired 51% shareholding in JaSure, adding that the buyout is a significant growth enabler, that will realise digital offerings for clients across the Santam Group, particularly in its Commercial and Personal (C&P) insurance business. 

“We believe we can open up the potential for increased value-add to our clients and the Santam Group through a 100% ownership. We aim to leverage the existing and powerful client experience and younger market reach of JaSure, while maximising the Santam efficiencies and wider distribution capability, including the Sanlam Group,” Edward Gibbens, Santam’s Executive Head of the C&P insurance business said.

JaSure offers digital insurance to clients, effectively empowering them to choose what they want to insure and when to do so. The insurtech company is app based and provides an exceptional buying journey for insurance for motor vehicles and portable possessions like cellphones, laptops, photographic equipment, bicycles, other sports and camping gear, eyewear and musical instruments, among others. Clients can purchase insurance instantly for an individual asset, with the option to switch cover on and off, using the app, based on their needs. 

Jaclyn Prior, JaSure’s Managing Director, said the company is excited about the next chapter in the relationship with Santam. 

“We have co-created a unique model with Santam that balances JaSure’s entrepreneurial core and digital innovation, and Santam’s depth of insurance expertise. The JaSure founders and management team are excited about the next chapter which enables further collaboration and increased support; it elevates our ability to take on a growing market opportunity. This is a significant milestone for the JaSure business,” Prior said. 

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