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SAIA, INSETA, IISA launch the retiree skills transfer programme

SAIA, INSETA, IISA launch the retiree skills transfer programme
14-12-22 / Sisanda Ndlovu

SAIA, INSETA, IISA launch the retiree skills transfer programme

Johannesburg - The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) has announced that its much-anticipated Retiree Repurposing programme has successfully had a soft launch in November 2022. The programme, a first of its kind in the insurance industry, brings together recently retired insurance executives and senior managers (retirees) as mentors and current junior and middle managers as mentees with an aim of putting the mentees through a structured programme of industry knowledge sharing and mentorship.     

The association, made up of about 56 non-life insurance companies that make up over 92% of the market share in South Africa said its soft launch was well attended by the retirees, mentees and industry stakeholders, something that further highlighted the support the pioneering programme already enjoys from the industry.

At the launch ceremony held at the SAIA offices, SAIA Chief Executive, Ms. Viviene Pearson outlined the support and contribution SAIA members had invested in the programme from the inception of the idea right through to the implementation phase, and the desire for the industry to guard its professionalism. "We remain grateful to the retirees who have selflessly agreed to be on this programme to share their wisdom and knowledge of the insurance industry with the mentees. We are also thankful to our partners, the INSETA and the IISA to have agreed to come onboard in a bid to ensure that knowledge is not lost, but is shared with our junior and middle managers in a structured manner for the benefit of the insurance industry," Ms Pearson said.

In addition, SAIA said its members had contributed to the body of knowledge book and are working on an insurance apprenticeship programme to be accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in due course, all in a bid to maintain high levels of technical skills and professionalism within the non-life insurance industry.

INSETA Chief Executive, Ms. Gugu Mkhize reiterated the theme of professionalism, transformation and inclusion within the industry with a heartfelt speech, adding that this is one of many programmes in the pipeline, depending on the outcomes of this one. "Skills development and skills transfer is a very important part of the INSETA and we are thankful to the mentors who have agreed to be on this programme to impart their knowledge to the programme mentees. This is not going to be an easy programme, but we wish all the mentees a successful year on the programme," Mkhize said.

Standing in for the Insurance Insitute of South Africa (IISA) Chief Executive, Ms Thokozile Mahlangu was Ms. Kopano Radebe, Executive Manager: Professional Development for the IISA who highlighted the privilege and expectations placed on the pilot candidates to follow through with the programme to ensure its success and sustainability for the benefit of the industry and those who are to follow.

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