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Piet Wolmarans | Insights after 20 years in the insurance industry

Piet Wolmarans | Insights after 20 years in the insurance industry
11-11-22 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Piet Wolmarans | Insights after 20 years in the insurance industry

The world has changed dramatically in the past couple of years, society has faced pandemics, floods, a rise in the cost of living and civil unrest. Industries have been impacted by these unexpected events and the insurance industry has evolved over the years to mitigate these events.

The economic instability has affected how people secure their future, family, belongings, and business. Staying motivated in this climate can be difficult but iMas Insurance Brokers Managing Director Piet Wolmarans shares the wisdom he has gained over the years.

  1. How long have you been working in the insurance industry and what do you enjoy most about it?

Piet Wolmarans: I have been working in the insurance industry for more than 20 years. It has been rewarding for me, because relationships drive this industry. I have made many friends over the years, and I enjoy the friendships formed.

  1. What are your biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?

Piet Wolmarans: The industry has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, skills and talent is scarce and digital adoption is currently at the forefront. Every challenge also presents an opportunity, and nothing is more powerful than the mind, a positive attitude, and the will to succeed.

  1. How do you inspire your team?

Piet Wolmarans: I am very fortunate to have a great team, very seasonal with great industry knowledge and leadership qualities. To inspire them is to create a safe environment where they can flourish taking ownership of their respective areas with a strong supporting role from my side.

  1. What motivates you?

Piet Wolmarans: Motivation is a choice, but for me, it is rewarding to make a difference and to see people grow and become confident in what they are doing.

  1. How would you describe the current climate of the insurance industry in South Africa?

Piet Wolmarans: I think during and post the KZN riots and floods, the industry has again stepped up and delivered.  Although the non-life environment was under pressure, I think the industry is still in good spirits and realised once again that it has an enormous contribution to the South African economy and the millions of households which it serves.

  1. What are the biggest opportunities and challenges that the insurance industry is currently facing?

Piet Wolmarans: The one area that was fast tracked and currently top of mind is to digitise the industry, using  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to be more proactive and still provide advice and service through the digital evolution. I think that is the biggest opportunity but also a challenge to navigate through all the ‘noise’ and still provide a quality, personalised service.

  1. What is your vision for iMas Insurance Brokers in the next 5 years?

 Piet Wolmarans: To create an operating model where a good balance exists between technology and customer experience, as well as providing quality advice.

You can get insurance anywhere, however, it is important to always choose an accredited financial services provider that you can trust and afford.

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