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Legacy and APBCO Insurance Brokers celebrates a joint 40th anniversary

Legacy and APBCO Insurance Brokers celebrates a joint 40th anniversary
01-12-23 / Duty Editor

Legacy and APBCO Insurance Brokers celebrates a joint 40th anniversary

Johannesburg - Automation and technological advancements may play a key role in streamlining processes and improving efficiency in the insurance industry but, as Christo Crafford at Legacy Underwriting Managers correctly points out, these should never replace the human connection. Insurance is deeply personal.


This sentiment is ingrained in the ethos of both Legacy and APBCO, a company that has stood the test of time and evolved significantly since its inception in 1983.


Both Legacy and APBCO had its genesis from a company, AVM which still forms part of the family of businesses that supports Legacy. Today the APBCO intermediary companies make up 5 of nearly 200 brokers who make use of the Legacy platform and insurer products on offer, and managed, with-in the Legacy binders.


Initially created to cater to the need for "personalised insurance service", APBCO has transformed over the past four decades, transitioning from an insurance broker business into a thriving conglomerate of insurance broker companies – without ever losing the human element.


Christo describes Legacy founder Cobus du Plessis as a "fountain of wisdom with sage advice" who is still at the heart of daily operations. The 40th anniversary coincides with Cobus's transition towards retirement, which will be a bittersweet moment for the man who has been at the helm of Legacy since inception. 


"Cobus constantly offers sage words of advice, drawn from years of experience, to help us deal with daily challenges in the industry. We're excited to build on the solid foundation he has laid, and we have a great portfolio of business and wonderful brokers who support us," Christo says.


One of the key principles emphasised by Du Plessis and echoed by Legacy is the significance of nurturing relationships with brokers. 


"We're always pushing the boundaries of innovation and expansion, but never at the expense of our valued relationships. We automate and develop efficient systems to assist brokers in their work, but still value the human element above all else," says Christo Crafford.


Hollard has been an insurance provider to Legacy (and APBCO before that) underwriting a substantial volume of business profitably over the duration of the partnership.


It's the personal connection that distinguishes Legacy, Christo adds, which aligns perfectly with Hollard's We Are Where You Are campaign, which reinforces its commitment to meeting brokers where they are – to build better futures for customers.


The synergy between Hollard and Legacy is undeniable. Central to this partnership is the belief that personal connections build good business relationships. 


Hollard Insure CEO Nash Omar says the reason behind the success of Legacy and its long-standing relationship with Hollard is that the two companies have built more than just a business relationship; they've created a family-like bond.


"Over the years, we have built a great relationship that has made all the difference, not only in achieving business goals, but also in creating a culture of shared purpose that resonates with employees and customers alike, ultimately driving success and growth," Omar says.


Adds Christo "We're proud to be celebrating our 40-year anniversary and look forward to an even more fruitful partnership. We've had quite the journey together and are grateful to be working side by side with Hollard."


"Change is the order of the day in insurance and, even as we advance and grow through the use of technology, we remain committed to our values and principles – we're never going to change our approach in business: we're human first, above all else. "


"We'll keep building meaningful relationships at our core and grow our portfolio", concludes Christo. 

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