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Easter weekend travel tips

Easter weekend travel tips
27-03-24 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Easter weekend travel tips

Johannesburg - Two hundred and twenty five (225) people died in 185 fatal road accidents over the four-day Easter weekend in 2023 – an increase of nearly 40% from the weekend’s death toll in 2022. As we head for the hills (or the bush or beach) over the upcoming long weekend, there are a number of things we can do to help ensure our safety on the roads, and staying focused tops the list.

King Price Spokesperson, Sakina Ntuli says that talking on the phone, texting, eating and drinking, adjusting the radio and navigation system, and driving while tired all raise your risk of having an accident. Phone use is a factor in one out of every four collisions, and human error accounts for 80% of road accidents.

So, to avoid becoming part of the statistics this year, here are some tips to follow:

Before you hit the road, do a 360-degree check

Your insurance premiums should always be paid up to date, and this is worth checking before you leave. If you have a tracking device on your car, make sure that those premiums are current as well, and test that the device is working properly. Also remember to make sure that your tyres are in a roadworthy condition and are correctly balanced and aligned. Then, check your wiper blades, your head-, indicator- and brake-lights, and make sure that fluids are topped up.

Check your emergency assist benefits

If you have comprehensive car insurance, you probably also have emergency assist benefits. If your car needs to be towed, you should call for accident assist. Most insurers will only pay for towing if you use their approved assist provider. If you or your passengers need emergency medical care, medical assist will get you transferred to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible and, if the doctors there recommend that you be transferred to a different hospital, then that should also be covered. Ensure that your insurer’s emergency assist number is saved on your phone.

If you have an accident, follow these steps

If someone is injured in an accident, you’re legally required to wait at the scene until the police and medical emergency services arrive. Don’t move your car unless it’s blocking the road or endangering other motorists, or unless you’re instructed to do so by the police. You must report the incident at the nearest police station as soon as possible. Your insurer will need a police case number for your claim, regardless of whether or not there are injuries.

Regardless of whether or not you need to claim, you need to let your insurer know about the accident within 30 days. Non-disclosure may lead to future claims not being paid out or your policy being rerated. If you lodge a claim, you need to give your insurer all the info they ask for, as soon as possible. Any missing or incorrect info could affect the outcome of your claim.

“Nobody wants to have an accident. But if you’re involved in one, the next best thing is to be prepared, know what to do at the scene, and know how to claim so that your insurer can fix or replace your car as quickly as possible,” says Ntuli.

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