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Injury care imposing a toll on SA's healthcare system

Injury care imposing a toll on SA's healthcare system
26-06-24 / Daniel Nkosi

Injury care imposing a toll on SA's healthcare system

Johannesburg - Injuries and violence impose a significant toll on South Africa's healthcare system, particularly affecting the younger and most productive segments of society. With causes ranging from injuries to road accidents, the need for accessible and high-quality medical care in times of crisis is more pressing than ever.

NetcarePlus, leveraging Netcare's cutting-edge capabilities, emerges as a beacon of hope in the face of life-threatening injury with NetcarePlus Accident Cover. Etienne Du Toit, General Manager for Product and Marketing at NetcarePlus says, "This innovative medical insurance ensures access to private healthcare during emergencies, making NetcarePlus the only provider in South Africa to offer unlimited cover for emergency medical treatment. From transport to intensive care, surgery, and beyond, NetcarePlus encompasses all aspects of trauma care, ensuring comprehensive support for patients and their families".

At the heart of Netcare's approach lies an integrated trauma system, aimed at reducing the risks and burdens of injury to individuals and society. This holistic strategy, spanning prevention to post-rehabilitation, is yielding tangible results, as evidenced by the significant reduction in mortality rates for trauma patients treated at Netcare's accredited trauma centres.

So, how does NetcarePlus provide life-saving care for individuals that are not on medical aid?

  1. Timely treatment: Recognizing the critical importance of prompt care, cutting-edge technology is leveraged to minimize delays in resource allocation. From the Netcare 911 Emergency Operations Centre to the Netcare App, every tool is deployed to ensure swift and efficient response times.
  2. Accurate assessment of trauma: A meticulous approach is applied to assess the level of trauma ensuring that patients receive the precise level of care they need. By matching patients with the appropriate facilities and specialists, patient's chances of survival are maximized, even in the most severe cases.
  3. Transport to appropriate facilities: Transporting patients to accredited trauma centres is crucial for their survival. This aspect is prioritised, ensuring that patients receive care at facilities equipped to handle the most severe cases effectively.
  4. Specialized rehabilitation: Recovery from a traumatic injury often requires specialized rehabilitation, therefore comprehensive programs are offered tailored to individual needs. With a multidisciplinary approach, patients get the support they need to regain functional abilities and independence.

"By leveraging cutting-edge capabilities, NetcarePlus not only provides medical treatment for injuries but also saves lives and restores hope in the face of crisis by providing access to emergency private healthcare when it matters most, at an affordable cost" concludes du Toit.


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