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Eskom implements load shedding


Eskom implements load shedding
17-05-21 / Staff Writer

Eskom implements load shedding

Pretoria - Due to a loss of 10 generating units at seven power stations at Eskom this past weekend, the power utility is implementing stage 2 load shedding.

Eskom implemented load shedding on Sunday at 5pm and it is expected to end on Tuesday at 10pm.

“The failure of three generation units at Tutuka was due to loss of air compressors; a unit at Majuba was forced to shutdown, while another unit tripped.

“A generation unit at Kriel was taken down for a boiler tube leak. A unit was forced down due to a steam leak at a unit at Matla power station, while trips at a unit each at Medupi, Kusile and the Duvha power stations are being investigated,” Eskom said on Sunday.

This represents a total loss of 6 044MW over this 24 hour period, bringing the total unplanned capacity lost to 16 118MW. Planned maintenance is 4 171MW.

“We urge the public to help us by reducing consumption, while Eskom teams are working around the clock to restore as many of these units to service as soon as possible,” Eskom said.

Eskom will communicate as soon as possible should there be any further significant changes to the power system.

Eskom has apologised to the public for the inconvenience caused.


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