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Stash focuses on women's finances this August

Stash focuses on women's finances this August
31-08-23 / Duty Editor

Stash focuses on women's finances this August

Johannesburg - Stash, Liberty's award-winning investment app is getting involved in Women's Month this August by offering female Stashers the opportunity to benefit from professional financial advice especially tailored towards women's lifestyles.

Throughout August month, a select group of female Stash users received specially curated financial editorial content directly through their Stash4U Inboxes. The content highlighted the value of budgeting as a pivotal step toward achieving financial empowerment and long-term success. It also underscored the role of life insurance in establishing financial security within families.

Furthermore, the editorials covered various topics, including enhancing financial independence through improved investment knowledge - a domain in which the Stash app excels by offering innovative investment options.

Central to this initiative was the involvement of expert financial advisers. With just a single tap, these chosen Stash users could connect with a dedicated financial adviser.

"We offered women the opportunity to get in touch with an accredited financial adviser, who herself was a woman, to get professional financial advice in order to progress in their financial wellness journey. This is crucial because female advisers are uniquely positioned to understand the lifestyles of fellow women, enabling them to offer impactful financial guidance that truly makes a difference." says Glenn Grimley, Head of Stash at Liberty.

Stash was created by Liberty as its first digital-only money management offering.

"Setting up a Stash investment account requires no paperwork or meetings with advisers, and within no time you have a tax-free savings account that has a wide range of features, including an expansive user interface to assist you on your savings journey," Grimley says.

Stash's features allow you to literally stash your spare cash automatically based on your own everyday experiences. You can simply push a button to invest the money you saved, for example, skipping your daily cappuccino. Stashers can also choose between investment portfolios such as cash and equities, depending on their risk appetite and investment outlooks.

Stash has two investment portfolios: a low-risk Cash+ portfolio, which offers a guaranteed 5.5% percent growth per year; and the SA Top40 Shares portfolio, which is an equity portfolio that tracks the performance of the JSE Top 40 shares index, which includes dividends.

"Think of Stash as a fundamental building block on your own financial journey," Grimley says.

"It's fair to say that financial security, budgeting and understanding savings are all critical aspects of every woman's life journey, while something practical like life insurance offers a reliable means to achieve it. By embracing all aspects of financial knowledge South African women empower themselves to navigate life's uncertainties with confidence, knowing that their families will be protected and supported. This kind of thing should be the foundation upon which South African women build a legacy of strength, resilience, and lasting financial security for generations."

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