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SAIA responds to Tuesday’s quake

SAIA responds to Tuesday’s quake
06-08-14 / Staff Writer

SAIA responds to Tuesday’s quake

Johannesburg - The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) today said it is aware and has taken note of the earthquake which struck just before 12:30 on 5 August and has had an impact on some parts of the country and in some neighbouring countries yesterday.

The short-term insurance association said its members are still assessing the situation. "Once the SAIA and its members have received more clarity on the impact of the event, we will be in a better position to shed more information on the matter."
"Earthquakes generally are considered by the insurance community to be one of the largest risks, which could be catastrophic to people, the environment, business, the government and the economy. The SAIA advises all customers affected by the event to get in touch with their short term insurers to confirm cover and to have the damage assessed," the association said via a statement

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