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Liberty launches new education channel - Liberty Learn


Liberty launches new education channel - Liberty Learn
22-06-23 / Duty Editor

Liberty launches new education channel - Liberty Learn

Johannesburg - Liberty, in partnership with Mindset Network, has announced the launch of its education channel, Liberty Learn, advancing its commitment to enhancing education in South Africa. The Group said the new Liberty Learn channel, which can be viewed on DSTV channel 319, Openview and StarSat harnesses the power of technology to broaden access to quality education across the country.

Building upon the extraordinary legacy of the Liberty Learning Channel presented then by the renowned William Smith and its subsequent transformation into Mindset Network in 2003 - this platform represents the next evolution in distance education, it said, adding that it takes the successful model of TenFold, an educational app, to a broader platform, delivering engaging television content, complemented by a robust, interactive mobile application.

“This innovative platform leverages smart technology to provide high-quality, curriculum-aligned educational content to South African learners. We are taking lessons from the homes of South Africans, allowing seamless access to educational resources anytime, anywhere," said Dylan Green, CEO of Mindset Africa.

"We're looking to redefine the way learners perceive and engage with their studies. By integrating technology that students are familiar with, we're making the learning process more interactive, dynamic, and effective. As learners' needs change and grow, so will we. Our mission is to make sure we're always offering the best, most relevant, and most engaging educational content possible. All with the goal of empowering our nation's students and shaping them for a bright future," said Green.

The new platform  will offer an expanded curriculum, covering all school grades, and will include content aligned with the Cambridge International Curriculum. It will also unearth a treasure trove of archival educational content, making it accessible to the public for the first time. It aims to modernise learning by enabling students to interact live with the platform, asking questions via WhatsApp that will be aired and addressed during broadcasts. This new dimension of interactivity revolutionises the learning process, making it more engaging and personalised.

The platform will focus on fostering an interactive learning environment that encourages students to actively participate and engage. In contrast to traditional classroom settings, Liberty Learn blends the power of technology with pedagogical strategies, capitalising on the effectiveness of multimedia tools. This groundbreaking blend of education and technology presents a quantum leap in teaching and learning methodologies.

"Education is the cornerstone of economic development and a key driver in empowering communities. Our investment in Liberty Learn reaffirms our ongoing commitment to bolstering education, particularly in the crucial subjects of Mathematics, Science, and English," said Marees Bostander, Head: Brand Strategy and Sponsorships at Liberty Group.

“For us, this platform  is not the culmination, but the continuation of a journey to revolutionise the educational landscape in South Africa. As technologies evolve and educational needs change, we are poised to adapt and innovate, ensuring that the platform remains a cutting-edge, relevant, and beneficial resource for all learners,” concluded Bostander.

Liberty Learn platform will be available on DSTV Channel 319, OpenView (Channel, 108), and StarSat (Channel 187). The platform also includes a digital app for both Android and Apple users.

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