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Sponsored / 19-06-24 / SAIA

SAIA encourages industry participation at AIE Conference 2024

"Celebrating 50 years, this conference underscores half a century of progress, innovation, and collaboration within the African insurance sector. The conference theme, focusing on three concepts: Foundations, Foster, and Fearless, addresses…

Sponsored / 24-04-24 / Elite Risk Acceptances

Elite Risk Acceptances: The power of relationships and growing your own timber

"Moving forward, we foresee an evolution towards deeper partnerships, driven by data and a shared commitment to sustainability. The focus shifts from merely serving brokers to true collaboration and partnership, with the ultimate goal of delivering…

Sponsored / 27-10-23 / Assupol with Incub8

Assupol launches Incub8 with Assupol to empower emerging and established Financial Services Businesses

Incub8 with Assupol has a simple but impactful mission, to broaden access to the broader formal insurance market while driving the Assupol transformation agenda by selectively creating partnerships with businesses that operate in previously…

Sponsored / 02-06-23 / Brought To You By OctaFX

Forex and gambling - is there a relationship?

Confusion is an obvious enemy of education. This holds true particularly when talking about a complex sphere such as Forex, where many questions bubble up in the media, influencing public opinion," writes OctaFX

Sponsored / 17-05-23 / Duty Editor

Aynjil Cancer Insurance: Surviving Cancer – innovation is needed to bridge the chasm between affordability and access to lifesaving treatment

"Cancer is different to other critical illnesses - there is a vast difference between the costs and needs when it comes to treating, living with and recovering from cancer, versus that of say a heart bypass for example. It warrants a more specialised…

Sponsored / 02-12-22 / Staff Writer

Liberty Corporate: Cancer - An increasingly common life changing disease

LIBERTY CORPORATE: Cancer remains a silent killer that threatens the lives of many in South Africa. Facing this potentially deadly disease may result in life-long scars, often leaving one discouraged and feeling defeated.

Sponsored / 24-11-22 / By Munich Re

Munich Re: A journey from concept to comprehensive Cyber Risk Insurance

At Munich Re, we define cyber risk as those risks arising from the storage, usage, computation and / or transmission of electronic data. Cyber risk arises from various causes, including malicious actions by hackers, or inadvertently, due to…