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Reinsurance / 25-10-23 / Tau kaVodloza

E+S Rück expects improvements in prices and conditions for P&C reinsurance in Germany

"We must assume that the multi-year trend towards higher claim payments will continue. Adequate prices are indispensable if we are to be able to offer our clients the best possible reinsurance capacity in the future, as we have in the past,"…

Reinsurance / 20-10-23 / Tau kaVodloza

Series of billion-euro market losses due to natural catastrophes in Europe

"We are willing to expand our risk partnerships with our clients. To ensure that we can fulfil our role as a risk carrier in the long term, we’re working together with our clients to adapt prices and conditions to the changing environment, exclude…

Reinsurance / 02-10-23 / Tommy Jackson

SCOR appoints Claudia Dill and Redmond Murphy to ExCo

SCOR has announced the appointments of Caludia Dill to position of Group Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Committee, and Redmond Murphy to Deputy CEO of SCOR Life & Health and member of the Executive Committee.

Reinsurance / 15-09-23 / Tau kaVodloza

Reinsurance in uncertain times calls for risk expertise and financial strength

”Uncertainties caused by inflation, potential impacts from geopolitical risks, deglobalisation and dynamic risks such as climate change and cyber risks are some examples as to why the market environment remains complex" says Thomas Blunck, Member…

Reinsurance / 11-09-23 / Tau kaVodloza

Hannover Re anticipates improved global reinsurance market terms and conditions in 2024 renewals

"Adequate pricing is a prerequisite for us to offer the best possible reinsurance capacity. As we want to grow with our clients and help closing protection gaps, we will also put an emphasis on innovation in order to allow our clients to transfer…

Reinsurance / 10-08-23 / Shelly Nxumalo

Munich Re on track to achieve annual target with a Group net result of €1,154m in Q2

"All areas of our operation are contributing to our success. Munich Re continues to grow profitably because our clients value our strength, consistency and expertise," says chair of the Board of Management, Joachim Wenning.

Reinsurance / 10-08-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Hannover Re confirms full-year earnings target after good first six months

"A selective underwriting approach remains the order of the day for us, in part because experience shows that the more eventful months of the year are still ahead of us. This prudence is exactly what sets us apart as a financially strong and…

Reinsurance / 12-06-23 / Chris Smit

SCOR pays tribute to its Chairman, Denis Kessler

"I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside Denis. He leaves us an extraordinary legacy. It is now up to us to carry on his work. The strong foundations on which he rebuilt the Group enable us to look to the future with total…

Reinsurance / 30-05-23 / Chris Smit

François de Varenne is appointed GCFO and Deputy CEO of SCOR

“I have decided to entrust François de Varenne with new and important responsibilities within the Executive Committee. François has successfully led the Group on an interim basis over the past three months," says Thierry Léger, Chief Executive…

Reinsurance / 17-05-23 / Tau kaVodloza

Munich Re posts €1,271m net result for Q1, confident of meeting full-year guidance

Christoph Jurecka, Munich Re Group CFO said: ”The earthquake that hit Turkey on the border with Syria in February 2023 was one of the most catastrophic we have seen in recent history. Around 60,000 people lost their lives. The insured losses…

Reinsurance / 15-05-23 / Tau kaVodloza

SCOR generates a net income of €311m, significantly increases economic value in Q1 2023

“SCOR has generated excellent results in Q1 2023. The Group is taking full advantage of the current favorable environment. Our new CEO, Thierry Léger, is in charge of drawing up a new three-year strategic plan under IFRS 17. This plan will define…

Reinsurance / 12-05-23 / Tau kaVodloza

Hannover Re on track for 2023 full-year target

"With the result for the first three months we have achieved more than a quarter of the full-year guidance of at least €1.7bn and are thus very much on course," said Jean-Jacques Henchoz, Chief Executive Officer of Hannover Re.

Reinsurance / 05-05-23 / Tau kaVodloza

Increased dividend of €11.60 per share approved at Munich Re AGM

"Despite losses attributable to the war in Ukraine, ongoing inflation, and high market losses due to natural disasters, Munich Re exceeded its profit target of €3.3bn by €100m for the 2022 financial year. What really paid off here was portfolio…

Reinsurance / 12-04-23 / Tau kaVodloza

SCOR sets 2023 targets and financial assumptions under IFRS 17

“The transition to IFRS 17 will allow SCOR to disclose the full value of its portfolio, particularly in L&H reinsurance, through the introduction of the Contractual Service Margin (CSM). Together with the shareholders equity, this constitutes…