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Opinions / Columnists / 24-11-23 / Henri Le Grange

Six critical pillars advisers must know to guide customers through early pension savings

"Advisers face the challenge of understanding this new system and effectively communicating its intricacies in the run up to its launch. With every customer’s dream of a secure retirement at stake, it is paramount to ensure they can navigate…

Opinions / Columnists / 10-11-23 / Lindi Monyae

The power of purpose: leadership insights from some of SA’s top business minds

"Approaching each day with a purposeful attitude is a journey with many challenges. It requires being authentic, deliberate and constantly mindful of our intentions and goals. But given the direct correlation between being purposeful about our…

Opinions / Columnists / 27-10-23 / lebohang Tsotetsi

Lebohang Tsotetsi | Are you a good driver? Probably not

"Perhaps it is time that each of us on the roads looked in a mirror. We can all contribute in a million of individual ways, through a major re-awakening to our responsibilities to each other. A fundamental shift in attitudes to road safety and…

Opinions / Columnists / 27-10-23 / Nirdev Desai

Nirdev Desai | Beware the scarcity mindset

Despite these headwinds, there are many investors who are achieving successful outcomes, who exhibit an abundance mindset, and who find positives to focus on amidst society’s problems. Without proper context, these investors may be seen by sceptics…

Opinions / Columnists / 20-10-23 / Daniel Schroeder

Protect your business with proper care of roof-mounted PV Systems

"Rooftops on industrial and commercial buildings can turn out to be an excellent location to convert sunshine into electricity since you do not have to occupy valuable green space," writes Allianz Commercial Senior Risk Engineer Daniel Schroeder

Opinions / Columnists / 13-10-23 / Kelly Joshua

Kelly Joshua | Addressing South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis

Innovative new curricula options and independent impact investment in schools can play a vital role in addressing skills imbalances, argues Kelly Joshua, Head of Education Investing for Old Mutual Alternative Investments.

Opinions / Columnists / 13-10-23 / Clyde Rossouw

Clyde Rossouw | Looking beyond the magnificent 7

"Listening to different managers – each with their own perspective – you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a bleak picture. Yet underlying returns have been reasonable, with global equities up just shy of 15% in US Dollars to the end of August,"…

Opinions / Columnists / 06-10-23 / Nolwazi Nzama

Nolwazi Nzama | A new dawn in risk governance

"Leaders must foster a culture where every individual, at every level of the organisation, is conscious of risk, understands their role in managing it, and is empowered to act. This requires leaders to lead by example, embedding risk awareness…

Opinions / Columnists / 19-09-23 / Sinenhlanhla Zulu & Thanzi Ramukosi

Sinenhlanhla Zulu & Thanzi Ramukosi | Water infrastructure crisis in SA: Investment opportunities

"While South African households and companies have implemented solutions – notably solar – to cope with Eskom's load shedding, solving the rising water infrastructure crisis may not be as simple," says Ninety One investment specialists, Sinehlanhla…

Opinions / Columnists / 15-09-23 / Mark Chasey

Mark Chasey | The impact of FATF Grey list on South Africa

"The authorities’ ability to access beneficial ownership data was seen as weak, the communication between country’s law enforcement and financial intelligence agencies needs improvement with an expectation of increased investigation and prosecution…

Opinions / Columnists / 15-09-23 / Thanzi Ramukosi & Sisamkele Kobus

Powering change : Eskom woes present compelling infrastructure investment opportunities

"The loadshedding crisis has sparked a renewed sense of urgency to reform Eskom and shift to renewables. This presents compelling infrastructure investment opportunities and could herald a new chapter for the economy," writes Ninety One investment…

Opinions / Columnists / 14-08-23 / Russell Silberston

Russell Silberston | Central banks: It’s good to talk

Ninety One Investment strategist, Russell Silberston, discusses the surprising merits of simple and concise central bank communication.

Opinions / Columnists / 08-08-23 / Tommy Jackson

Thought leader: Why Fraud is regarded as a new language

"One of the most alarming types of fraud is insurance fraud, which involves intentional deception by consumers or even organisations and agents, to gain unlawful benefits. According to the Insurance Crime Bureau, up to 20% of the R35 billion…

Opinions / Columnists / 03-08-23 / Bryan McLachlan

Bryan McLachlan | Five uses of generative AI to enhance customer service in finance

"Whereas most AI applications in financial services today leverage structured data to surface business insights, automate processes and make predictions, generative AI enables institutions to harness unstructured data such as text, video, and…