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Opinions / Columnists / 28-06-22 / Staff Writer

Charlene Lawrence | Broker Success: Magic is in the people & partnerships

There will always be a role for brokers in the insurance industry, and if the relationship with brokers is managed effectively, insurers need not suffer too many ‘missed opportunities’, says Charlene Lawrence, General Manager: Brokers at MiWay…

Opinions / Columnists / 28-06-22 / Enid Lizamore

Enid Lizamore | Surviving and thriving in the new work paradigm

Ours is a culture that is attractive to talented young people in our field, because we are constantly innovating, questioning, and evolving our business practices, products and 'go-to-market' propositions, says Enid Lizamore, Executive Head:…

Opinions / Columnists / 23-06-22 / Staff Writer

Rheinhardt Schnetler | Are your insurance partners innovative enough?

Client buildings are antiquated and adequate risk management processes for their infrastructure and business activities are not a widespread practice, says Rheinhardt Schnetler, Head of Insurance at VCiB.

Opinions / Columnists / 13-06-22 / Viviene Pearson

Viviene Pearson | Increasing risks remain a concern for insurers

There is little doubt that in the last few years insurers have continued to battle increasing risks, some of which are natural causes, says Viviene Pearson, SAIA CEO.

Opinions / Columnists / 09-06-22 / Ronald Richman

Ronald Richman | Managing risk in an age of extreme weather

The risk sector in South Africa and around the world is struggling not only to find a way to calibrate the impact of long-term climate change, but also to predict and calculate the immediate costs of short-term weather volatility, says Ronald…

Opinions / Columnists / 01-06-22 / Andrew Coutts

Andrew Coutts | Becoming real-time risk advisers to build a future-fit business

Santam spokesperson, Andrew Coutts offers steps for brokers to monetise their advice offering, to embrace the role of risk adviser and many more.

Opinions / Columnists / 30-05-22 / Staff Writer

Anet Ahern | Risks of blindly trusting conventional wisdom

According to Anet Ahern, CEO at PSG Asset Management, “what is required when fundamental shifts are afoot, is a sober assessment of the beliefs that underpin the portfolio construction process. Letting go of a long-cherished security blanket…

Opinions / Columnists / 26-05-22 / Michael Emery

Michael Emery | Getting the best from your medical aid and gap cover

An important point to note is that gap cover is not a substitute for medical aid, so one can’t take the lowest level medical aid cover and expect gap cover to cover any financial shortfall, says Michael Emery, Ambledown Financial Services Marketing…

Opinions / Columnists / 03-05-22 / Lizé Lambrechts

Lizé Lambrechts | How insurers contribute to a resilient future

Lizé Lambrechts, Group CEO of Santam Insurance looks at the role played by insurers in making the business environment more resilient by providing them cover which helps them to bounce back when things go wrong.

Opinions / Columnists / 25-04-22 / Philip Saunders

Philip Saunders | Russia’s war on Ukraine is shifting the investment landscape

Philip Saunders, Co-Head of Multi-Asset Growth discusses the dramatic policy shift towards defence and energy spending in Europe and explains why the conflict may mark a turning point in the world’s reliance on the US currency.

Opinions / Columnists / 04-04-22 / Marie-Suzanne Mazelier

Marie-Suzanne Mazelier | A new era for globalization?

The Covid-19 crisis had already revealed the strong interdependencies that had built up in many sectors, including the healthcare industry, says Marie-Suzanne Mazelier, Chief Investment Officer, SCOR Investment Partners.

Opinions / Columnists / 30-03-22 / By Richard Rattue

Richard Rattue | Third-party risk tops the compliance watchlist

Too often, just one small mistake like compromised client login details or one employee forgetting to exercise caution with sensitive information can lead to an easy way in for criminals, and difficult consequences, says Richard Rattue, Managing…

Opinions / Columnists / 16-03-22 / Vickie Lange

Vickie Lange | Two-pot system impact to be felt in the long term

National Treasury’s proposal to give limited access to retirement fund savings before retirement via the two-pot system has generated much interest across retirement fund members, and its impact, will certainly be felt in the long term, says…

Opinions / Columnists / 14-03-22 / Garth Rowe

Garth Rowe | Unpacking products inefficacy insurance

To understand the purpose of products inefficacy insurance, one first needs to understand the purpose of conventional products liability insurance and the extent to which products liability insurance will respond to claims arising out of defective…