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Ninety One hub empowers women to take charge of their financial futures


Ninety One hub empowers women to take charge of their financial futures
15-03-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Ninety One hub empowers women to take charge of their financial futures

Cape Town - South Africa’s largest investment manager, Ninety One, has launched a knowledge hub to empower and educate women to make confident financial decisions for their families, their businesses, and their future.

The launch of the Women and Investing Hub coincides with International Women’s month and aims to support women in setting financial goals, save for their children’s education, invest for retirement and make other important financial decisions.  Its development was inspired by a successful virtual conference hosted by Ninety One for nearly 2000 women in August last year. 

With access to features including Q&As with leading female financial advisors on real-life financial issues and how to solve them, and advice on why you should invest in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, the Women and Investing Hub aims to inspire and empower women in their financial planning. 

Ninety One Head of Marketing in SA, Kotie Basson, says, “While many women lead households and play an increasingly active role in the economy, they still lag men disproportionately in earnings and savings. Statistically, women outlive men by five years, yet they retire with 30 to 40% less money. And, while 85% of women manage everyday expenses, only 23% take the lead in long-term financial planning.

“More than ever before, women are seeking advice and guidance and it is our hope that this support hub will provide the knowledge and tools for women to make financial and investment decisions – with small yet powerful steps that can have a big impact on their financial futures.”

Exploring topics for women, by women, the Women and Investing Hub features financial experts such as: Janet Hugo, Director at Sterling Private Wealth; Gugu Sidaki, Co-founder and Wealth Manager at Wealth Creed; Suzette von Broembsen, Principal & Partner at PSG Wealth; Jonel Matthee-Ferreira, Head of ABSA Multi-Management; and Kim Frost, Certified financial planner at Bespoke financial services; and Kim Potgieter, Director and Head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth.

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