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Liberty partners with health organisations in fight against dread diseases

Liberty partners with health organisations in fight against dread diseases
07-10-22 / Shelly Nxumalo

Liberty partners with health organisations in fight against dread diseases

Johannesburg - Liberty has today announced itts partnership with some of South Africa’s leading preventative health organisations to help combat and support the fight against dread diseases. They are the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), and the Stroke Survivors Foundation. 

"Liberty understands the difficulty and trauma of facing a life changing event such as the diagnosis of cancer,  suffering a stroke or a heart attack. Such an event not only affects you but those who need to take care of you.

"Partnering with these organisations is a pronouncement of our commitment to ensure that South Africans do not face these health challenges on their own. This sponsorship will help  create more awareness around improving physical health and encourage more preventative action," says Marees Bostander, Head of Brand Strategy and Sponsorships at Liberty.

In 2021, Liberty’s own claim statistics showed that cancer claims made up 20.7% of overall claims, cardiovascular disorders 17.4%, and strokes were in the fifth highest spot at 4.4%.

In South Africa, strokes are among the top 10 leading causes of disability and account for 25 000 deaths annually. Meanwhile, it was estimated in 2020 that almost 110 000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the country.

Bostander says that as part of this partnership, the organisation  will be adding its voice in heightening  preventative education campaigns and its clients will have access to post-diagnosis care services and resources from these organisations.  Resources will be accessible to all South Africans in the form of information.

In addition, Liberty said it will be working with CANSA and the Heart and Stroke Foundation to bring a new series of mobile clinics to life, as part of a preventative strategy to help people identify major health concerns before they become life-threatening. The group further explained that this will be alongside supporting a new CANSA care centre, for those already receiving treatment following their diagnosis.

“We want to go beyond simply paying out claims and demonstrate our humanity and care, especially when our clients are up against life’s most profound challenges; we’re with them in their deepest moments of vulnerability, think of it as Liberty checking in on your health with you " she adds.

Education at the core of Liberty's corporate citizenship principles

Liberty said while it embarks on this purposeful work, it has not forgotten its roots in support and promotion of education, and has renewed its partnership with the Mindset Network, now aptly renamed Liberty Learn.

In 2019, Liberty partnered with Mindset to deliver Maths and Physical Science education to learners across South Africa through a free mobile app – TenFold Education. This education lifeline helped learners across the country in their studies even through the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them access to video tutorials that helped to bridge the gap created by interrupted schooling during the health crisis. 

“We are excited to continue our work through Liberty Learn and do more to help South African learners succeed. Education has always been at the core of our corporate citizenship principles, dating back to the era of William Smith. Liberty Learn is a platform that goes beyond education to actively support children in their ability to think, learn and make healthy choices that allow them to excel at life," concludes  Bostander.

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