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Life & Health Insurance / 08-09-23 / Shanique Jina

Shanique Jina | Embracing mental health challenges in the insurance industry

"The surge in mental health conditions presents a new set of underwriting challenges. Accurate risk assessment is paramount, which means understanding the correlation between mental health conditions and their prognosis. By doing so, insurance…

Life & Health Insurance / 08-09-23 / Shelly Nxumalo

NetcarePlus launches PrimaryCare product for employees without medical aid

NetcarePlus is committed to enhancing the healthcare landscape in South Africa. This expansion of our product suite demonstrates our dedication to creating affordable solutions that extend private healthcare access to employees," says Teshlin…

Life & Health Insurance / 08-09-23 / Tau kaVodloza

Newly launched SanlamAllianz to provide insurance and financial services in 27 African markets

“We are confident that SanlamAllianz will create significant value for clients, shareholders and other stakeholders. The combined expertise and resources of our respective companies will enable us to provide innovative solutions and services…

Life & Health Insurance / 08-09-23 / Duty Editor

Sanlam once again awarded long-term insurer of the year

"This is an extremely proud moment for us. Being acknowledged by our industry and partners is hugely affirming that we're delivering on our promise to empower more South Africans to be financially confident, secure and prosperous," says Jean…

Life & Health Insurance / 01-09-23 / Shelly Nxumalo

Discovery Life making strides in closing the insurance gap

"Nearly 43% of every household in South Africa is single-handedly being raised by a woman. They are breadwinners, and at the same time, they are caretakers of these families. Furthermore, global statistics show that women are three times more…

Life & Health Insurance / 01-09-23 / Shelly Nxumalo

Sanlam Claim Statistics: South Africa's other 'big five'

Noting the return of heart disease as first amongst the 'Big Five' causes of Sanlam claims for the year, Sanlam Chief Medical Officer Dr Marion Morkel, says renewed awareness of health and lifestyle realities with a commitment to prioritise…

Life & Health Insurance / 25-08-23 / Tau kaVodloza

Let's hope Barbie has health insurance

“Women should try to prioritise present and future healthcare needs, which is difficult to do when budgets are tight. Consider bolstering retirement savings to boost your retirement income for future healthcare needs," says Farzana Botha, Segment…

Life & Health Insurance / 22-08-23 / Chris Smit

The crucial role of underwriting in insurance

"Underwriting is a standard process in the insurance industry. It is a term used to describe the assessments clients undergo when applying for an insurance policy, particularly life cover. This is to ensure that the cover is equitable and appropriate…

Life & Health Insurance / 22-08-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Top trends shaping the health & accident insurance sector

"Health and Accident insurers bring significant product innovation to the market that allows consumers to be a lot more granular in their approach to these risks, while getting the absolute certainty that you’re covered for specific and unique…

Life & Health Insurance / 18-08-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Take the fear out of life insurance: Common concerns and myths

"We believe every person deserves the right to life insurance and that the decision about what that insurance is lies in your hands, that your privacy is respected, and that being honest will help you get the right cover," said Steph Bester,…

Life & Health Insurance / 18-08-23 / Tommy Jackson

Busting three myths on Income Protection

"Every working South African should consider the financial impact if they’re unable to work for a certain period due to illness or injury. Even temporary setbacks can quickly spiral, with long-term financial consequences,” says Nic Smit, Chief…

Life & Health Insurance / 18-08-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Build financial resilience and lock in your clients’ health while you can

According to Bidvest Life's Chief Product Actuary, Nic Smit, safeguarding one's earning ability and financial resilience is paramount for one's wellbeing and that of their families, particularly in uncertain times.

Life & Health Insurance / 08-08-23 / Duty Editor

Sanlam Survey l Women struggle to retire as early or as securely as men

“A multitude of factors contribute to the gender pension gap, including the facts that women typically live about five years longer than men, but earn 82% of what their male peers make, for equivalent work," says Farzana Botha, Segment Manager…

Life & Health Insurance / 28-07-23 / Tau kaVodloza

More South Africans are using digital platforms to draft their wills

"Whilst the digital process of drafting a will is simple, convenient and easy to use, an advisor is available to assist during the process for any of your estate planning and will set up questions," says Aneesa Razack, CEO of FNB Fiduciary.