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Financial Planning


Financial Planning / 30-06-22 / Zuhair Allie

Zuhair Allie | Making sense of potentially confusing investment concepts

While putting your money at risk can be scary, it’s important to have some equity exposure as part of a well-diversified long-term investment portfolio, says Zuhair Allie, Institutional Client Manager, M&G Investments.

Financial Planning / 13-06-22 / Mariska Comins

Mariska Comins | Creating a legacy for your beneficiaries

The last thing you want to do is to leave your dependants with an estate that does not have enough liquidity when you pass away, says Head of Technical Support at PSG Wealth, Mariska Comins.

Financial Planning / 10-06-22 / Duty Editor

Power and influence: Retirement funds are uniquely positioned to drive ESG

We are hoping that the findings of the 2022 survey encourage more meaningful and widespread discussions and coordinated action around the impact of ESG and climate change on the environment, and retirement funds in particular, says Darryl Moodley,…

Financial Planning / 09-06-22 / Duty Editor

Who will manage your money upon incapacitation?

Medical conditions like aphasia – or any other primary conditions that have complications like executive function impairments, impacting memory and reasoning – can mean you lose your legal capacity to act – aka, make rational financial decisions…

Financial Planning / 09-06-22 / Staff Writer

It's time to adapt to the new world of risk

The accelerated digital transformation was felt overnight, with changes in client behaviour, including the way people want to engage with product providers and intermediaries, says Karin Muller, Executive Head: Sanlam Individual Life, Retail…

Financial Planning / 07-06-22 / Deon Theunis

Deon Theunis | Winning professional clients' loyalty for the long term

To service professional clients adequately, we need to have an understanding of who they are and what their unique needs and challenges are. Also, intermediaries that get it right could cultivate lucrative relationships with these clients from…

Financial Planning / 26-05-22 / Staff Writer

Natasha Fletcher | My spouse has died: what happens to our home?

Losing one’s spouse can be, besides a sad time, a confusing and stressful time, and that’s why it’s crucial to understand what will happen to the marital property in the event of your spouse’s death, explains Natasha Fletcher, Senior Associate…

Financial Planning / 25-05-22 / Staff Writer

Q & A | iMasFinance celebrates Africa Day reflecting on business in Africa

Eddie Brandt, National Manager: Group Brand Ambassador at iMasFinace shares his views on the future of business in Africa as well as the many challenges local businesses face and how they manage to overcome these challenges and even thrive despite…

Financial Planning / 24-05-22 / Rita Cool

Rita Cool | Death claim submission: what you need to know

The death of a loved one leads to much confusing paperwork, and in this article Rita Cool, a CFP at Alexforbes, pens an article about the process which nominees must attend to to submit death claims for loved ones who were members of retirement…

Financial Planning / 18-05-22 / Staff Writer

How shares can be used to boost your investment plan

When considering investing in shares, it is important to determine whether you are a growth or value investor. Your risk appetite and time horizon will influence this decision”, says Wendy Myers, Head of Securities at PSG Wealth

Financial Planning / 09-05-22 / Nirdev Desai

Nirdev Desai | Financial security requires discipline and time

"A financial plan needs to be flexible enough to continuously evolve as life circumstances change. As an individual goes through life, and financial milestones are achieved, the financial planning journey will need to be restructured," says…

Financial Planning / 04-05-22 / Ayanda Ndimande

Practical ways to score more for credit

Ayanda Ndimande, Head of Sanlam Business Development for Retail Credit, says prospective lenders need to know how much of a risk you present when you apply for a loan.

Financial Planning / 18-04-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Tech, market forces and innovation will improve member retirement outcomes

David Gluckman, Chairperson of the Sanlam Umbrella Fund believes governance is the least pressing issue in umbrella funds, as he sets out his views as to how outcomes for South African retirees can be improved.

Financial Planning / 12-04-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Key to an emergency fund is to start small: Farzana Botha

Covid-19 made most people aware of the need for an emergency fund, ideally comprising 3-6 months’ worth of salaries, says Farzana Botha, Segment Manager at Sanlam.