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Employee Benefits / 23-06-22 / Staff Writer

Managing and mitigating your risk as a retiree

The reality is that retirees are targets of brazen criminals who will exploit vulnerabilities to get access to retirement savings, and any loss of funds can have devastating consequences for their financial security, warns Ann Cloete Senior…

Employee Benefits / 25-05-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Cyber risks facing the retirement industry

Data processing is becoming a litigious minefield with a swath of global data privacy laws adding to the fray, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Brazil’s General Data Protection…

Employee Benefits / 03-05-22 / Staff Writer

Health insurance supports access to quality primary healthcare: Cox

When you consider the cost of an out-of-network GP visit in private practice – anywhere between R400-R600 for a consultation only, as well as other aspects such as travel costs, costs of medication, it’s easy to see why so many South Africans…

Employee Benefits / 01-04-22 / Staff Writer

Kimble Brokers join GCI to improve client delivery

GCI’s model made compelling sense because it will put the resources of a much larger group behind Kimble Brokers to the benefit of our clients, and I will benefit from a steady income stream into retirement that is related to how well the business…

Employee Benefits / 03-03-22 / Staff Writer

Priced out of the medical aid market? Here are your options

Medical aids generally increase their rates by approximately 4% more than consumer inflation, resulting in the need for consumers to explore affordable alternatives to remain insured, says Alexia Graham, Director at Hippo Advisory Services.

Employee Benefits / 17-02-22 / By Wendy Myers

The role of a securities portfolio in your holistic retirement plan

"Only 6% of South Africans retire comfortably. This is a sobering statistic and a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring you have a retirement plan in place that will meet your retirement needs," says Wendy Myers, Head of Securities, PSG…

Employee Benefits / 27-01-22 / Mariska Comins

Retirement planning and longevity risk

“Proper retirement planning is essential, as the income you receive will not only need to sustain you, but also counter the effects of inflation over time,” says Mariska Comins, Head of Technical Support at PSG Wealth.

Employee Benefits / 27-01-22 / Jenny Gordon

Importance of beneficiary nominations on funeral policies

It is well known that in the case of individual life policies, an insurer may pay the proceeds of a life policy to the deceased estate or alternatively to beneficiaries, nominated by the deceased prior to death, says Jenny Gordon, Head: Technical…

Employee Benefits / 17-01-22 / Rita Cool

Make the most of tax-free growth on retirement savings

It is retirement annuity season, which means that you have until 28 February to check that you have contributed enough towards your retirement and tax-free products, says Rita Cool, certified financial planner at Alexander Forbes Individual…

Employee Benefits / 14-01-22 / Jan van der Merwe

Tax-efficient products to meet your retirement and savings needs

There are no contribution limits in an RA. You can contribute and deduct up to 27.5% (capped at R350 000) of your total annual taxable income in any given tax year, and excess contributions can be claimed as deductions in the following year…

Employee Benefits / 14-01-22 / Staff Writer

Back to work - back to mandatory vaccine policies and return to office orders

As many South Africans prepare to go back to work over the next week or two, questions over hybrid work models, calls for a return-to-office and mandatory vaccine policies are front and centre. Commercial law firm Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr's experts…

Employee Benefits / 11-01-22 / Vickie Lange

Keep your retirement savings invested between jobs, says Vickie Lange

Vickie Lange, Head – Research, Best Practice & Academy at Alexander Forbes says individuals must strive to keep their retirement savings invested between jobs so they can earn compound interest.

Employee Benefits / 15-12-21 / Vickie Lange & John Anderson

"Two Pot" system expected to double retirement outcomes for new members

Vickie Lange, Head: Research, Best Practice & Academy and John Anderson, Executive: Investments, Products and Enablement at Alexander Forbes take us through National Treasury’s paper titled ‘Encouraging South African households to save more…

Employee Benefits / 08-12-21 / By Staff Writer

Why Medical Aid rates increase and what it means for you

The annual price increase of a medical aid product is influenced by the claims experience of the membership on that product and the anticipated expenditure for the forthcoming benefit year, says Alexia Graham, Director of Hippo Advisory Services.