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Economy / 22-06-22 / Lyle Sankar

Lyle Sankar | Opportunities for local fixed income investors remain attractive

We believe the biggest risk in global markets is viewing the most recent 10 years of low inflation and interest rates as the likely outcome going forward, says Lyle Sankar – Head of Fixed Income at PSG Asset Management.

Economy / 20-06-22 / Craig Kent

Craig Kent | Commodity price risk and its effect on Sub-Saharan Africa

As the worst of the pandemic is winding down, the global economy suffered yet another blow with Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine sending commodity prices soaring, causing new supply chain challenges and raising the cost of food and fuel, says…

Economy / 17-06-22 / Tau kaVodloza

SA cities held back by innovation, transport and environmental issues

"South Africa only has two big-hitters from an economic perspective – Cape Town and Johannesburg. However, neither of these are in the top 200 global cities," says Tom Walker, co-head of Global Listed Real Assets at international asset manager,…

Economy / 18-05-22 / Tau kaVodloza

SA's inflation rate remained unchanged at 5.90% in April 2022 Inbox: PSG

We remain watchful of the impact of fluctuations in inflation and interest rates on shares exposed to substantial discount-rate risk over this period and we will continue to adjust our products when warranted, says Adriaan Pask, CIO at PSG Wealth.

Economy / 10-05-22 / Kondi Nkosi

Higher inflation: what it means and how to survive it

In SA, consumer price inflation is currently 5.9% y/y (March 2022), and hasn’t been this high since 2017. It has been rising steadily since a low of 2% in early 2020 with an average annual inflation rate between 1958 and 2022 of 7.6%. This means…

Economy / 21-04-22 / Staff Writer

SA's core inflation momentum building: BNP Paribas SA

Commentary on South Africa's inflationary trajectory by Jeff Schultz, Senior Economist at BNP Paribas South Africa.

Economy / 05-04-22 / Staff Writer

Release of sixth assessment report on climate change mitigation welcomed

"This important report on mitigation emphasises the urgency of acting on mitigation, globally. For South Africa, we take a developmental approach to climate action, and this report provides valuable scientific information to guide our Just Transition,”…

Economy / 30-03-22 / Staff Writer

Aon Global Risk Management Survey

Unpacking the key risks facing the Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources industries: Aon Global Risk Management Survey.

Economy / 24-03-22 / Staff Writer

SA interest rate and the risk of energy prices and broader inflation

If the war drags on for longer, economists expect global inflation to rise, placing further upward pressure on interest rates, says Chief Investment Officer at PSG Wealth, Adriaan Pask.

Economy / 23-03-22 / Staff Writer

EM (& SA) inflation: Higher, more entrenched - BNP Paribas SA

Economic commentary by Jeff Schultz, Senior Economist at BNP Paribas South Africa.

Economy / 24-02-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Budget 2022 Commentary: Old Mutual experts provide commentary

Budget 2022 commentary from a list of experts at Old Mutual, following yesterday's maiden Budget Speech delivered by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana.

Economy / 24-02-22 / Staff Writer

The time for pragmatism has arrived: David Morobe

For the country’s growing community of entrepreneurs, issues relating to how the state aims to create an enabling environment for the small business sector to provide them with market access, are particularly important,” comments David Morobe,…

Economy / 21-02-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Road crashes increase on SA roads

Releasing the first of the 2022 Monthly Road statistics in Johannesburg, the Minister Mbalula said most of the crashes took place on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays with human behaviour contributing to 90% of the crashes, followed by road and…

Economy / 17-02-22 / Staff Writer

Budget preview: Revenue overruns to provide some breathing room

Our expectation for the next fiscal is for a revenue overrun of R55bn: a conservative estimate relative to some market participants, who expect buoyant commodity prices to result in a revenue overrun of more than R100bn, says Sisamkele Kobus,…