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Companies / 30-11-21 / Staff Writer

Allianz: Construction companies to see robust growth and "new age" risks post-Covid

While construction projects continued during the pandemic, and further growth is to come, the overall environment has changed fundamentally, says says Yann Dreyer, Global Practice Group Leader for Construction in the global Energy & Construction…

Companies / 29-11-21 / By Adriaan Pask

Markets may be overestimating the good news while underestimating US equities risks

South Africa’s sovereign downgrade to “junk status” in 2020 set off a chain reaction among the investment community, which was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, PSG Wealth Chief Investment Officer, Adriaan Pask.

Companies / 25-11-21 / Staff Writer

Global transition to rewable energy a vast opportunity for investors

According to Schroders Head of Global Resource Equities and Fund Manager, Mark Lacey this transition will transform the way we produce, distribute and consume energy.

Companies / 24-11-21 / Staff Writer

Major trends shaping shapping future local and global investment decisions

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated significant changes in existing global investment trends, some of which will either change or recede as normality returns with more being vaccinated. However, some trends are here to stay, says Janina Slawski,…

Companies / 23-11-21 / Staff Writer

Ninety One’s 2022 Investment Outlooks: The challenges of normalisation

Hendrik du Toit, Founder and Chief Executive, as well as several of Ninety One’s portfolio managers discuss their outlooks for 2022.

Companies / 23-11-21 / Staff Writer

Difference between legacy planning and estate planning - why you should care

Knowing the difference between estate and legacy planning can better your chances of leaving the lasting legacy you want. "Legacy planning acknowledges that there is much more to what you leave behind than the things you own and the wealth you…

Companies / 19-11-21 / Staff Writer

Major market inflection points: thinking about portfolios for the next decade

We believe the market is not yet pricing in the substantial changes seen in the last eighteen months, which are likely to have material implications when considering asset classes that are expected to deliver real returns, at appropriate levels…

Companies / 16-11-21 / Staff Writer

Survey reveals impact of violence on SA businesses

The second annual ‘Impact of Violence on Business’ survey - commissioned by BNP Paribas South Africa and its consumer finance arm, RCS – reveals a direct correlation between unemployment and crime and the far-reaching effects of violence on…

Companies / 12-11-21 / Staff Writer

Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement analysis by Sanisha Packirisamy

Sanisha Packirisamy, Economist at Momentum Investments, has shared her thoughts on today’s Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) as delivered this afternoon by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana.

Companies / 11-11-21 / Staff Writer

Zurich reports strong momentum across all business segments

“The Group has continued to make strong progress toward achieving its 2022 strategic and financial goals,” said Group Chief Financial Officer George Quinn.

Companies / 08-11-21 / Staff Writer

Investing across asset classes in a low yield environment

When it comes to investing, Nico Katzke, Head of Portfolio Solutions at Satrix, says that changing our investment habits to grow wealth through our diversified and low-cost solutions remains within our reach. I

Companies / 05-11-21 / Staff Writer

PSG appoints two new advisers to Melrose Arch office

PSG has welcomed two additional advisers to its team at the Melrose Arch office in Johannesburg. Having joined PSG on 1 October 2021, these new advisors bring over three decades’ worth of experience to this established team.

Companies / 04-11-21 / Staff Writer

The investment world has evolved, have you reviewed your strategy?

The investment world has changed substantially. Investors who rely only on the tried and trusted recipes of the past, run the risk of not only not meeting their long-term investment objectives, but missing out on what we believe to be rarely-seen…

Companies / 03-11-21 / Staff Writer

The impact of stagflation on investment returns

According to Sean Markowicz, CFA - Strategist, Research and Analytics at Schroders, “Although equities have soared amid the rebound in economic growth, a period of stagflation could favour more defensive assets such as gold.”