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Companies / 30-06-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Investor Advice: Sectors likely to absorb inflation impacts better

PSG Wealth’s Head of Securities, Wendy Myers highlights that the impact on earnings will be different for different market sectors, and hence investors can expect divergent returns from their equity portfolios

Companies / 27-06-22 / Duty Editor

Discovery announces secondary listing on A2X

Since its inception 30 years ago Discovery has become the undisputed shared-value insurance market-leader and we are delighted to welcome Discovery Limited (Discovery) to our market next week, says A2X CEO Kevin Brady.

Companies / 31-05-22 / Staff Writer

Shortage of rental vehicles affecting the insurance industry

“The knock-on effect that this is having on the insurance industry translates into a shortage of available rental cars if your vehicle needs to go in for repairs as a result of accidental damage,” explains Mandy Barrett of Aon South Africa,…

Companies / 18-05-22 / By Duty Editor

Ninety One reports record increase of assets under management

The combination of strategic clarity, disciplined execution, competitive long-term investment performance, a motivated, stable team and a long-term approach to business continues to work well for Ninety One, says Hendrik du Toit, founder and…

Companies / 05-05-22 / Staff Writer

Allianz reinforces its commitment to net-zero strategy

Allianz says it is committed to actively drive the transition towards renewable energy sources, supported by significant underwriting and investment capacity and appetite for renewable risks.

Companies / 11-04-22 / Staff Writer

Ninety One launches Family Office

The risk increases when the first interaction with the next generation follows the death of a parent, or where the beneficiaries have an existing relationship with a different advisor, says Daryll Welsh, Head of Product at Ninety One Investment…

Companies / 11-04-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Momentum Metropolitan appoints Paul Baloyi as Chairman of the Board

Paul is an ideal candidate as Chairman of MMH; and we look forward to working with him since he brings to the table a decisive quality that aligns with our re-energised Reinvent and Grow strategy, says Peter Cooper, Interim Chairman of Momentum…

Companies / 25-03-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Africa awash with early-stage investing capital: Mazars

According to Mazars capital raising expert, Mark Taylor, the African continent is awash with capital, particularly geared towards early-stage investing, with venture capitalists taking a keen interest in emerging sectors such as technology.

Companies / 18-03-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Prudential Financial, LeapFrog Investments acquires interest in Alexander Forbes

We are delighted to welcome long-term strategic shareholders of the calibre of Prudential Financial and LeapFrog who believe in our vision and support our strategy to achieve it. Their investment is an affirmation of the impact that we make…

Companies / 15-03-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Ninety One hub empowers women to take charge of their financial futures

South Africa’s largest investment manager, Ninety One, has launched a knowledge hub to empower and educate women to make confident financial decisions for their families, their businesses, and their future.

Companies / 11-03-22 / Staff Writer

Russia's invassion of Ukraine threatens global food supply

"Russia's status as a key producer of agricultural commodities means there is a real risk of future food shortages. Russia and Ukraine together account for around 30% of the world’s wheat exports. Clearly, disruption to the export of wheat will…

Companies / 09-03-22 / Staff Writer

Barbarians at the gate: JSE mid-caps on the shopping list

We have seen a surge in activity as increasing numbers of South African companies are being delisted and taken private, says Justin Floor, Fund Manager at PSG Asset Management.

Companies / 10-02-22 / Tau kaVodloza

Zurich delivers one of the best results in its history

“Zurich has delivered the strongest performance in a long time, demonstrating the strength of our franchise, the quality and commitment of our people, and the benefits of repositioning the business in recent years," says Zurich Group Chief Executive…

Companies / 08-02-22 / Schalk Louw

General outlook for 2022: Adjusting your investment expectations

One may add South Africa to normalising economies such as Latin America and Eastern Europe, which became evident with the SA Reserve Bank having already announced the first interest rate hike (0.25%) in November 2021, says Portfolio manager…