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Mike Adsetts | Crypto: Is it an investment?
Wealth & Investments

Mike Adsetts | Crypto: Is it an investment?

2024-04-12 / Mike Adsetts
BrightRock sees resilience, growth, and improved claims experience in 2023
Life & Health Insurance

BrightRock sees resilience, growth, and improved claims experience in 2023

2024-04-11 / Kwanele Sibanda
Nine leadership questions for Kalim Rajab, MD, New National Assurance Company
Insurance Business Leaders Series

Nine leadership questions for Kalim Rajab, MD, New National Assurance Company

2024-04-10 / Kwanele Sibanda
Reinsurance - 17-01-24 / Tau kaVodloza

Record thunderstorm losses and deadly earthquakes: the natural disasters of 2023

"The extremely high insured losses from natural disasters underline the important role that insurance…

Reinsurance - 25-10-23 / Tau kaVodloza

E+S Rück expects improvements in prices and conditions for P&C reinsurance in Germany

"We must assume that the multi-year trend towards higher claim payments will continue. Adequate prices…

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Financial Planning - 13-03-24 / Shelly Nxumalo

FNB launches product to help settle customers’ deceased estate admin costs

"One often overlooked aspect of financial planning, is the importance of marrying your legacy planning…

Financial Planning - 22-02-24 / Tau kaVodloza

Take a look in the mirror and budget speech yourself

“South Africans felt the pressure, with high inflation and the increased cost of living causing financial…

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Economy - 27-03-24 / Harion Camargo

Harion Camargo | An institutional overview of the Brazilian market - what to expect in 2024

"Advances such as more effective inflation control, the implementation of tax reform, and the appreciation…

Economy - 27-03-24 / Duty Editor

Impact-driven investments the key to building resilient communities

A focus piece looking at how impact-driven investments are the key to building resilient communities…

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Regulatory News - 20-10-23 / Tau kaVodloza

IAIS announces new Executive Committee Chair

“Vicky will be greatly missed as Chair by both members and the Secretariat, having brought deep technical…

Regulatory News - 08-09-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Public warned against impersonating the FSCA, CySEC, PA, SARS & Ms Emily Lakovidou

The FSCA said that clients were charged various fees to have the reimbursements processed. The impersonator/s…

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Employee Benefits - 27-03-24 / Sanan Pillay

Sanan Pillay | Unlocking your team's retirement funds' potential post Regulation 28

"Recognising the obstacles and issues within the industry is crucial, but equally essential is acknowledging…

Employee Benefits - 06-03-24 / Kwanele Sibanda

New Remchannel study warns of unseen negative consequences of salary flexibility on pension savings

“Whilst the move towards TGP, which consists of both the cash and the cost of all benefits, potentially…

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Opinions / Columnists - 22-02-24 / Dondo Mogajane

Dondo Mogajane | National Budget delivers temporary reprieve, but danger still looms

"The reality is that the South African economy is simply not growing fast enough to create wealth for…

Opinions / Columnists - 14-02-24 / Dondo Mogajane

Dondo Mogajane | Treasury to walk a tightrope in the upcoming Budget Speech

"SA may end up on a road that leads to the IMF's door, asking for a bailout. This must be avoided at…

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